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Computer Music Production

Computers have been used to make music since the 1980's when affordable home computers appeared with sufficient power to control the new range of electronic instruments. In 2007, much music is made entirely within software using very sophisticated programs such as Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, Sony Acid and many others.

MODEM provides the tools to exchange music made using these programs which are often called 'sequencers' as they control the sequence of musical notes. In order to share music on MODEM users need to have a basic knowledge of producing a piece of music using any music production software that allows the user to save a project as a file on their machine. Once a project has been started by a user, they upload the project file(s) and post a message announcing a new collaboration. Other users are then free to download this material and add to or edit the music before uploading their new version. In this way collaboration process continues until, by consensus the project is finished.

For students with little or no prior knowledge MODEM also provides a basic sequencer for learning about computer music production which runs in the web browser.

For more information on how to use MODEM to collaborate in music production read the help pages.

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