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Learning Paths

Let's collaborate! Part 1

Part 1 : Create a new account

First of all, create a new account in the MODEM platform.

1. Click on “Register” in the left menu.

2. Enter a Login Name, an e-mail address, and a password for your new account.

Keep all this information in a safe place.

Type the characters shown above into the “Security Key” field, and click “Register” to complete the new account registration.

3. After the validation message, you can access to your account, by clicking on “Log in” in the left menu.

Edit Your Settings

In this learning path, we will explain you how to change your personal data. First thing, log on MODEM. On the left side, into "Artists" list, select "Edit your Profile".   

Here it is! This new window concerns every personnal settings you can change: 1. Full Name: the name that other people will see (in forums, ...) 2.Password: you can change it, but be careful. 3.E-Mail: request for your account creation, or if you loose your password 4.Image: Select a picture into your hard disk (less than 93*93 pixels). Makes the relation with others more friendly! 5.About you: Here you can describe who you are, or anything else. 6.Home Page URL: Begining with http://, this adress allows you to show your own website. 7.Default Language 8.What I Pound On: everything you hate 9.What I Like 10.What I'm looking for: anything you're dreaming on for your future. After you complete everything, click on .

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