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MODEM Offline Help

Getting Started

Getting started in the MODEM community is easy. First, register as a user - it's free and quick. When you're registered, log in and have a browse around the site.

Using Music Production Software with MODEM

The MODEM collaborative music community provides a facility for sharing project files and discussing their devlopment for any music production software on any platform. The choice of software is up to you. You may already be familiar with one or more programs such as the industry standard Steinberg Cubase or popular Sony Acid, Ableton Live or Propellerheads Reason. If you haven't used any of these programs before you may want to start out with one of our simple tutorials. Checkout the tools page for links to music production software, there are options inclusing free software, basic versions of major titles and fully featured software suites.

Uploading your work

MODEM is about collaboration. Users are encouraged to upload original works for collaboration with other users. MODEM is not a place to show off or publicise your work unless you want and expect it to be sampled, used and remixed by others. NOTE: Anything you upload may be used by someone else in their own work. By uploading you are licensing your work using a Creative Commons License for licensing work for use by others.
Do not upload copyrighted music or audio licensed under any other terms - your own work or that of others - users ignoring this repeatedly will be banned
For more information about licensing see the publishing help page

Audio Files

A simple way to share your music with MODEM is to upload an audio file. The following file formats are recognised by MODEM : AIFF, AU, FLAC, MIDI, MP3, OGG/Vorbis, Real Audio, WAV (Riff), Windows Media Audio. Don't worry if you don't know what most of these are. We recommend MP3 (.mp3 in windows) for most uploads as everyone can play it. If you want to upload at high quality, for remixing, use WAV audio but it may take a long time to upload as WAV files are much larger than MP3 files.

Project Files

Most music production programs create project files and a number of other files which may be configuration files, samples, patches, loops etc. You will probably need to upload all these files for someone else to be able to use them in their own work - and make a remix. Many titles offer a function to save all the project files in one place - this will help you upload everything you need to.

Whichever software you use, MODEM requires that you upload your project files as ZIP archives. ZIP archives are archives of one or more files (which may be of different types) compressed to save space into a single file.
NOTE:MODEM requires that any ZIP files you upload have the three letter extension .zip. For Microsoft Windows users this is normal - if you are a user of Apple Macs or other system you may have to rename your files.

Post your work on the forum

If you want to invite other users to join in and collaborate, why not post on the offline forum and tell them all about it. To find out how the forums work check out the forum help page

Happy collaborating!

Creative Commons License
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