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"roblem downloading/updating apps/software via Playstore or Sony Software Update"

faelanstevie permalink April 03, 2018 03:36 pm

Im having this problem ever since i upgraded to marshmallow. Everytime im going to download application via playstore or update sony application via software update the downloading process takes forever, my phone says “Pending network” and then download will resume again and then downloading will pause again due to Pending network issue until the downloads fails. This always happen regardless of what network i am using, either LTE/3G/Wi-Fi the results are always the same. And take note i am sure that I have strong internet connection I have tried clearing data/cache reinstalling apps, factory reset of phone and installing latest Marshmallow version but none of these solves my problem.
Please help me solve this issue, anyone else here getting the same problem?

Please help.

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