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"Problem executing Firmware 1.1.1 update via Editor software/app"

faelanstevie permalink April 03, 2018 03:32 pm

My Deepmind 12D a couple days ago and noticed an available v.1.1.1 firmware upgrade (v1.1.1 zip) from the Settings Tab in the Deepmind 12 Windows app.
I’ve tried the 1.1.1 upgrade a number of times but each time it downloads 10% of the update and then just sits there with the message “Transferring firmware to synth”. I’ve let it sit there for at least 60 mins and nothing happens.
Fortunately I can click ‘Cancel’ to stop the process. Nothing appears different on the LED screen when the ‘transferring’ message is displayed. I’m not using a USB hub, just connecting the 12D directly to the computer.
Anyone have success with the v1.1.1 upgrade so far?

Please help.

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