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"Distorted sound in offline player and Cue problem"

LarryWalker permalink December 18, 2017 11:30 am

I’ve recently downloaded Serato 2.5 and when ever I play a track in the offline player it sounds very distorted and plays a bit slow. I’m using 2x Denon 3900 with the Rane SL 3 and whenever I press cue on the CDj the track stops but it doesn’t go back to the beginning of the track, I must do it manually on the software and this is a bit very frustrating. Whenever I calibrate the threshold jumps to the far right also.

Im using Windows 10 2,2GHZ B960 processor
4GB Ram
Rane SL3
Denon 1600 mixer
2x Denon 3900 CDjs

Please help

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