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Test Tune

by: ccdev18
date: March 20, 2007 05:16 am
tags: , , , , , ,
bpm: 120

Samples are used in:

ccdev18 says

This is a basic test with just demo samples made in Ableton Live 5.0

Contents of ZIP Archive: "zip"
  • /test tune.als (108.36KB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-HiHat 2 Closed B.wav (83.33KB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-HiHat 2 Closed B.wav.asd (3.69KB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-Kick Remo 1 A.wav (255.64KB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-Kick Remo 1 A.wav.asd (5.59KB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-Mid Tom Gretsch 1.wav (901.23KB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-Mid Tom Gretsch 1.wav.asd (12.57KB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-Pandeiro 1.wav (151.89KB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-Pandeiro 1.wav.asd (4.46KB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-Ping Ride 1.wav (1.02MB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-Ping Ride 1.wav.asd (14.26KB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-Snare Leedy 1 A.wav (271.70KB)
  • /test tune Sounds/A-Snare Leedy 1 A.wav.asd (5.74KB)

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